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Ah, yes. She was a lovely creature, just as Charles had...



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Ah, yes. She was a lovely creature, just as Charles had described. Her skin was as white as snowdrops and set off by dark, upswept hair. Her face was enchanting, with a delicate nose and fine, dark eyes set beneath daintily arched brows. Physically, she was diminutive and graceful — yet despite her small size, there was something about her that conveyed courage, resilience, and fortitude. It was easy to see why his brother had fallen for her. But where was the joie de vivre, the innocent naiveté that Charles had so praised? This woman seemed older than her years, as though her spirit had been crushed beneath the weight of sorrow and hardship. By God, if he lived, he'd remedy that. She was far too young — and pretty — to embrace age before its time! He closed his eyes, content to let his head sway in her lap, content to feel her tightening up the curve of her arm so that he wasn't jostled so. To think that she, Charles's betrothed, was here in England. And to think that this infant whose tiny body was so near to his, whose heart beat so close to his own, was his brother's little girl....

Danelle Harmon
Danelle Harmon in "The Wild One"

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