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As assistant director of programs, Anne was struggling...



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As assistant director of programs, Anne was struggling with how to get more food out where it was needed.

"Donors love pictures of cute little kids having snacks at school," she said. "And they support meal programs for seniors. But nobody's lining up to say, Gee, I want to put food in the cupboard for really poor black mothers who use drugs; I want to buy groceries for everyone living in the projects. Very few donors trust poor people enough to just give away food without conditions."

Anne held a dim view of charity kitchens that kept poor people waiting in line two or three times a day just to get a meal ladled out.

"They're convenient for staff," she said, "but they take away people's dignity, and they reinforce dependency. They're about control." In addition, she said, institutional meal programs, such as those in school lunchrooms, tended to provide unhealthy food that was fast to make—bologna sandwiches on white bread, instant mashed potatoes, canned fruit cocktail.

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