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Carefully leaning across the table so the candle would...



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Carefully leaning across the table so the candle would not singe her sleeve, she met that challenging stare with an equally challenging one of her own and placed the morsel of cheese against her husband's lips. His sensuous, lazily smiling lips. His gaze locked on hers, but he did not open his mouth. He merely gave her a warm, assessing look that melted every bone in her body. And then his lips parted, and his tongue came out to lazily circle the edge of the cheese. Raw desire shot through Juliet's blood, centered between her legs. Her hand shook. Her heart pounded. His lips, soft and warm, feathered against her fingers as he slowly took the cheese, his gaze still holding hers. He finally began to chew, and Juliet — trembling — started to pull away, but his hand came up and closed warmly around her own, trapping her fingers within his strong, hard grasp. He brought her hand to his lips, and, watching her from above her knuckles, slowly licked each fingertip clean. Juliet gasped and yanked her hand back. "I — think I've had enough food for tonight," she said shakily, pushing her chair back. Laughing, he leaned an elbow against the table, propped his dimpled chin in his palm, and calmly swallowed the cheese. "Coward." "I am not! It's just that ... well, this is —" "Wicked?" "Well, yes!" "Unseemly?" "It's —" "Juliet." She froze. Her insides were hot and shaking, her throat as dry as cinders. Her bones were suddenly so weak she didn't know if she could stand up, anyhow. She clenched her hands to still her wildly pounding heart and forced herself to meet his amused gaze. "Y-yes?" "You, my dear, do not know how to have fun.

Danelle Harmon
Danelle Harmon in "The Wild One"

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