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He’d made his mind up the night before, when Mikey...



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He’d made his mind up the night before, when Mikey had messaged him on Facebook to say that he’d managed to fix his brakes. They were officially ‘good to go’. And go was precisely what Norm intended to do. He didn’t care where. As long as they went somewhere. And the fact that it was a lovely day was the icing on the cake. Or, as Norm preferred to think of it, the extra cheese topping on a twelve inch deep crust margherita pizza from Wikipizza. For once, all was well in Norm’s world as he pedalled down the street. Relatively well, anyway. About as well as could be expected. Not that Norm’s expectations were ever all that great. But at least he’d been allowed out. Officially allowed out, that was. He hadn’t had to sneak out without his dad knowing. The so-called ban had been lifted, once his mum had explained to his dad why Norm had gone over to see Mikey in the first place.

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