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How about going after her?” “I tried....



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How about going after her?” “I tried. She’s gone.” Jack leaned on the bar. “I’m sorry, man. I thought that was going to happen to me with Mel. From the second she hit town, she said she was leaving.” “When did you know? Or think you knew? With Mel?” “Oh, man,” he said, and laughed. “It was real slow. Took me five or ten minutes. It was the jeans. Have you ever noticed how my wife looks in a pair of jeans? Maybe you shouldn’t answer that…” “With me it was a pink dress…” Jack’s eyes widened. “Whoa, damn.” “You shouldn’t give me alcohol,” he said. “Makes me talk.” “Nikki,” he said, and it wasn’t a question. “Yeah, buddy. I saw her. And I think I saw you see her.” He shook his head. “I feel your pain.” “Vanni was furious with me. Paul was sympathetic but pissed. Well,” he amended, “they’re getting over that now. But the girl won’t talk to me. Won’t return calls. I can’t figure out what I did. I was as good to her as I knew how to be.” “Whew, that bites,” Jack said. “But, buddy, that doesn’t mean there isn’t someone out there, just waiting for you to find her. I was forty, man. I thought I was way past having this life. Mel—she makes me feel like a teenager.” “Yeah, maybe it’ll happen. But not while I’m like this. I’m stung. I have to get over this before I can dip into the market again. You know?” “Hang in there, pal. It’s going to be okay.” “Yeah,” he said.

Robyn Carr
Robyn Carr in "Second Chance Pass"

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