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i have been watching you for years ever since i...



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i have been watching you for years ever since i discovered who you are and who you were i see what you do and what you have done i feel the pain you have caused this world i behold the sorrow for which you must answer i endure the lifelong wounds for which you bear the blame day after day don’t think you can escape me turn around and you won’t see me—but i am there run, try to escape me—and i will be waiting for you the time has come for you to pay—god won’t be the one to judge you you will experience the pain so many have suffered because of you sorrow will knock on your door and you will wish you had never been born perhaps you have forgotten, so i am here to remind you there is no mercy, no forgiveness time heals no wounds There

Hendrik Falkenberg in "Time Heals No Wounds"

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