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I’ll have you know I’ve spent the last three...



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I’ll have you know I’ve spent the last three days in bed,” he informed her, straightening his fashionable waistcoat, “with ice packs on my—with ice packs on.” Emma lowered her eyes and bit down hard on her lower lip for a moment, so he wouldn’t see her trying not to smile. “I’m sorry you were injured, Fulton,” she said, when she could trust herself, “but you shouldn’t have behaved so badly.” She went on filing books away, with Fulton moving along behind her. “It will be all your fault if we don’t have any children,” he continued somewhat huffily. Emma glanced at him as she put another book in its place. “We won’t have children, anyway,” she reminded him. “We’re not going to be married.” “I think you’re being hasty about this, Emma.” She

Linda Lael Miller
Linda Lael Miller in "Emma And The Outlaw"

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