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Jealous much, Allie?” Those softly spoken words...



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Jealous much, Allie?”

Those softly spoken words were heaven to her overwrought senses. He was smiling that deadly smile again, and she knew she had pushed all the wrong buttons today. He was in rare form.

“You wish, Mr. Warren.”

Ah, yes, taunting the beast, always a wise decision Allie!

But what else was she supposed to do? She had to gain the upper hand here, and fast.

He stood up abruptly, and walked to the door. And for a second there Allie thought she had won this round with him, until he turned and fired his parting shot.

“I don’t think your husband would like to hear how much you are coming to like me, would he…Allie girl?”

He slipped out of the door, leaving her staring at the door he had left open behind him, feeling as if every part of her was about to fly apart from tension.

Trish F. Leger
Trish F. Leger

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