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May I kiss you?” I pulled in a breath. “You...



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May I kiss you?” I pulled in a breath. “You have to ask?” He chuckled softly and shook his head. “You like me bold?” he asked and his voice was rough and lovely. I nodded. “You like “business Liam”?” I again nodded looking up into the warmth of his eyes. “Then let’s make a deal. You hold up your end…I will hold up mine.” His voice had deepened now to that register I recognized as no nonsense. “I’m going to kiss you.” My heart raced. He smiled and tipped my chin. “But you are going to ask me to kiss you…because I like you bold, too, Nerissa.” I shivered and bit down on my lip, nodding. His dark browns rose as he waited and there has never been a handsomer sight. “Will you please kiss m…” and his mouth fell upon mine before the words were even out of my mouth.

Sarah Brocious
Sarah Brocious in "More Than Scars"

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