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She touched him. First the soft, wavy hair that swept...



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She touched him. First the soft, wavy hair that swept back from his brow, then his temple, then his cheek, slightly rough beneath her palm, a man's cheek. His skin was warm, the faint light making his hair seem darker than it really was. He was splendid. Unbearably handsome. Beautiful in a very masculine sort of way. Oh, Lord Gareth with his good looks and easy charm, he was handsome, too. Lord Andrew with his defiant eyes and warm russet coloring — he would turn any woman's head. And Lucien, the duke — enigmatic, fascinating, everything about him emanating danger, power, omniscience — there was no word to describe him. But Charles . . . none of them, as far as Amy was concerned, held a candle to The Beloved One.

Danelle Harmon
Danelle Harmon in "The Beloved One"

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