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You would have been impressed, Luke. She never flinched....



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You would have been impressed, Luke. She never flinched. She knew all the right things to do and remained perfectly calm. Efficient, skilled, confident.” Mel smiled. “She’s going to be an incredible nurse. You should be so proud of her.” “I am,” Luke replied. “And not at all surprised.” He draped an arm around her shoulders. And Shelby thought, Oh God. I have to get this over with. She didn’t need advice from Mel or anyone else. She’d given him every chance, but he never said a word about how he felt about her, not a syllable about wanting a life with her. She had to make herself move on before she couldn’t. Tears gathered in her eyes. “Let me finish up here, Luke. I’m going to follow Mel and Cameron back to the clinic, help clean up the Humvee, restock it. I’ll catch up with you later.” “Are you crying?” he asked softly. “I might be overwhelmed.” He frowned slightly at the glistening in her eyes. “Sure,” he said. He kissed her forehead. “Take your time.

Robyn Carr
Robyn Carr in "Temptation Ridge"

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